Government fleets – The easiest way to switch on to telematics

The old image of government departments being the epitome of inefficiency are rapidly disappearing as public spending comes under closer scrutiny, along with greater accountability and transparency on all fiscal activities.

This has had a direct impact on government fleets, forcing them to do more with less and work hard to improve efficiency in all areas of their fleet operation. If they hadn’t already it’s likely they’d be looking for a system to help them cut costs and boost efficiency – what they’d be looking for is a telematics system.

Telematics no longer a complicated option

In the past, setting your fleet up with a telematics solution was complicated. There was downtime as vehicles were taken off the road to be fitted with GPS units and wired up for vehicle diagnostics, which could be involved if a lot of different metrics had to be measured.

Well-known truck maker Freightliner has made it a whole lot easier for fleet managers to get started with telematics right from the get-go. They’ve partnered with telematics supplier Telogis to develop an OEM option on selected trucks. Cummins-equipped Freightliner Business Class® M2, 108SD and 114SD vocational trucks now offer a pre-wired Telogis telematics option, which means a quick and easy way to install a comprehensive fleet management solution.

This means that when government fleets purchase these new Freightliner trucks they’re all set to sign on for instant telematics data – they can start measuring, monitoring, managing and reporting on a whole lot of fleet data from the moment the trucks roll out the yard. And that means they can start implementing cost-savings sooner, boosting fleet profitability.

Government fleets have unique challenges

The reason buying prewired telematics trucks from Freightliner makes a lot of sense for government fleets is because telematics helps government agencies tackle the unique challenges they face to meet their budgets. Here are a few ways telematics makes life easier for government fleet managers:

  • Meet tight budgets more easily – When there’s pressure to meet tight timeframes and even tighter budgets, you need a solution that’s got you covered no matter what the job demands of your team. By improving asset utilization, reducing fuel use and boosting productivity you’ll be coming in under budget while raising service standards to new heights.
  • Use Custom GIS Map Data – Include relevant Points Of Interest such as power lines, sewer lines, land use grids, and parcel data to improve dispatch efficiency and navigation.
  • Integrate existing software – Increase user adoption by integrating your existing back office applications, such as ERP and Asset Management Systems
  • Meet green targets – Meet your green targets with a system that provides you with accurate baseline data, ongoing collection and record-keeping on your fleet’s greenhouse gas output. Employ initiatives to reduce out-of-route miles, high traffic areas and unauthorized use.
  • Minimize liability with improved safety – Show you’re all about safety by implementing and actively monitoring reckless driving and enforcing pre and post trip inspections. With an automated maintenance schedule in place, you’ll also minimize any breakdowns or dangerous mechanical failures.

Government fleets – It’s time for change

We’re already seeing a lot of government agencies, local municipalities and federal fleets switching over to telematics because of the accountability and efficiency gains it affords them. With prewired telematics from Freightliner trucks, it just got a lot easier.