Green GPS systems for eco-friendly truckers

Are truckers anti-environment? Often truckers, and other heavy equipment operators, get painted as the arch-enemy of the tree-hugging greenie. They’re seen as the thugs who ram down blockades setup by environmentalists trying to protect nature reserves or the habitat of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.

On trucking forums you’ll hear them moan about environmental legislation as being a hindrance to progress, a lot of extra work done only to satisfy a few tree-hugging hippies and without thought to the reality of what it’s like to be a truck driver, working long hours under difficult circumstances and sometimes struggling to make ends meet. For example, the recent debate on anti-idling laws had truckers up in arms complaining that would freeze to death at night because they couldn’t keep the cab warm. It seemed the only way to stop truckers from emitting the 11 million tons of CO2 produced each year was to keep increasing the cost of idling a truck overnight until it was actually cheaper to get a motel room.

This type of behavior has not endeared operators of heavy equipment to environmentalists and often the feeling is mutual. The ongoing animosity between these two groups has been amplified by common stereotypes showing truckers as carbon-coughing, dolphin-killing, bandana-wearing heavies and environmentalists as pot-smoking, tree-hugging dropouts who are anti-progress.

Like any stereotypes there are possibly elements of truth to them, but they often only represent a small minority of extremists. A lot of people who care about the environment also want to see progress and development, and the free flow of capitalism. On the other side of the coin there are many truckers, and other heavy equipment operators, who want to do their bit to save the planet and realize the environment is a fragile, precious thing that needs looking after.

Truckers looking to GPS for green solutions

Rather than complain about how the greenies are pressuring legislative change and making their life difficult, some are actively looking for solutions that will not only help them comply with new laws on emissions or idling but also reduce emissions and wasted miles.

Operators and fleet managers alike have found a friend in GPS systems.

In fact, truck drivers are often searching for GPS units that are specifically designed for them, GPS systems that route them to their destination while obeying any road restrictions. GPS systems that are smart enough to send them to their next stop in the right order when they have several to complete on any given day. Taking it to the next level, some drivers have even upgraded to GPS software that can route them to a specific custom waypoint or map marker, such as a company warehouse loading zone.

With GPS systems becoming more accurate and more helpful for drivers, it having a twofold benefit for drivers. They are doing their bit for the environment by reducing the number of wasted miles and thus their overall CO2 emissions, while at the same time making their driving assignment easier.

Green solutions for truck driver managers

If you’re a fleet manager, responsible for keeping a fleet of trucks or heavy equipment efficient, productive and safe, you can easily add one more job to your list without a lot of extra work – saving the planet.

Fleet management solutions are helping fleet managers run the day-to-day operations more effectively from a single online dashboard as well as forward planning whether it’s maintenance, driver rosters or dispatch.

However it’s also helping fleet managers turn their fleets green in several different ways.

  • Drivers being routed to their destination more efficiently and economically
  • Fleet managers get alerted to incidences of excessive idling, aggressive driving or speeding
  • Total miles and/or engine hours recorded for accurate GHG reporting
  • Effective preventative maintenance plans

Find out what other initiatives can help you and your drivers turn your fleet green, and keep your inner-treehugger happy!