Is it possible for truck fleets to go green and still make money?

If you’re a fleet owner then no doubt you’ve come up against the Green Fleet issue at some point. It might have come up at a board meeting, prompted by a VP keen to do more environmentally-friendly initiatives, or marketing may have suggested it as a way to improve the company’s brand image.

Whatever the prompt, you’ve likely asked yourself whether becoming a green fleet is a good option for your fleet. In fact, you may be unsure exactly what a green fleet is. If that’s the case then here’s a good definition of Green Fleet.

How many fleets are going green?

In a recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, a number of service executives were queried about what green initiatives they were doing. 51% responded that they currently had a green initiative in place, with over a quarter saying those initiatives have been in place for more than three years.

When you consider that for most service businesses a significant proportion of their carbon footprint is related to the operation of their fleet, it’s no wonder that a growing number of businesses are turning their fleets green. In fact, in just one year the number of respondents who said they were seriously considering using MRM software to ‘greenify’ their fleet doubled!

It’s great news for the environment but with dark clouds looming for the economy in many countries it may not maintain the hoped for momentum as fleet owners feel they cannot afford the cost of becoming a green fleet.

Can my truck fleet go green and still make a profit?

The short answer is yes, and lots of fleets have already made the switch to Green Fleet and have not only remained profitable but actually increased profitability, as well as safety and service standards.

Here’s a good article on the subject of how green fleets are staying profitable. It discusses the way that fleet management software is being used to help fleets around the world to use the planet’s resources smarter, with less wastage and less harmful climate-changing emissions.

Essentially, it came down to four main areas where GPS fleet tracking was keeping fleets green and profitable at the same time.

  1. Cost Reduction Through Fuel Savings
  2. Operational Improvement
  3. Safe Driving
  4. Customer Differentiation / Transformed Organization

Read the article for more information on how each point works but the main thing is to realize that becoming a Green Fleet can be a very profitable option for truck fleets today.

Fleets have the power to make a difference

While the budget will always be a consideration for fleet owners, many are realizing the power they have to make a big difference in the fight against environmental damage. While not responsible for our big dependence on oil and the internal combustion engine, fleet owners are realizing they do have the ability to decide how those resources are used.

The key to becoming a green fleet is the smarter use of what we’ve got, to minimize where possible and eliminate wastage. It’s only by carefully tracking it with smart fleet management solutions that we can begin to turn the corner on our excessive use of finite resources and hopefully stem the tide of environmental damage.