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Using location intelligence for better truck driver scheduling

Joe runs a delivery business for a beverage company. He has 12 drivers. He pays his drivers based on the number of cases they deliver, which varies between seasons. Between them they have 1000 cases to deliver in the low season, rising to 3000 during the peak months.

Joe has a problem. How does he keep all his drivers occupied evenly year round, while keeping operating costs to a minimum?

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Food and Beverage – What GPS gear do you need for your trucks?

truckgps-beverage-freightliner-truckIf you’re in the food and beverage industry you know you have specific challenges to meet – on-time deliveries, demanding customers, ad hoc jobs, coordinating drivers and keeping everything fresh. Can GPS help you to meet the problems that are unique to the beverage industry? How are other beverage fleets using GPS fleet tracking to improve service, cut costs and improve stock security?

Unique challenges faced by beverage industry

The beverage industry is a fast-moving and constantly changing scene. Closely associated with hospitality it can be demanding and competitive. Food and beverage distributors can face any of the following challenges:

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