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Is South America the next boomtown for fleet management?

Fleet management software that uses GPS tracking to make commercial vehicles and their drivers more efficient, productive, as well as safer are well established in North America.

There are several reasons for this including:

  • Effective GPS coverage – It is not surprising that North America has complete GPS coverage considering it was originally built by, and for, the U.S. Department of Defence. Good GPS coverage depends on having three or more GPS satellites in clear line of sight to triangulate the position of an object, and with at least 6 appearing at any given time this isn’t a problem in the U.S.
  • Good cellphone networks – A fleet management program relies on GPS devices (or PNDs) being able to communicate with a cellphone network so they can communicate their position and other details to a central server, or dashboard. This is known as a connected device. While the unit can still work while in a cellphone shadow, they work best when there’s good coverage.
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