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Government fleets – The easiest way to switch on to telematics

The old image of government departments being the epitome of inefficiency are rapidly disappearing as public spending comes under closer scrutiny, along with greater accountability and transparency on all fiscal activities.

This has had a direct impact on government fleets, forcing them to do more with less and work hard to improve efficiency in all areas of their fleet operation. If they hadn’t already it’s likely they’d be looking for a system to help them cut costs and boost efficiency – what they’d be looking for is a telematics system.

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How can New York balance its budget?

watch-mayor-michael-r-bloomberg-state-of-the-cityThe other week New York’s mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, outlined the future of the city in his State of the City address. His vision for a stronger New York, included a lot of exciting plans for development and growth in and around the city, creating more jobs, reducing the burden on small businesses (a program known as a Simplicity) and making New York and even more vibrant and fun city to visit and live in.

As someone who loves to visit NYC this is exciting news. But it’s not all roses, and the pathway to future greatness for New York is paved with logistical and financial hurdles.

The key to making this optimistic vision for the future become a reality lies in overcoming two main challenges.

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