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When will we see electric truck fleets?

There’s ongoing discussions about converting commercial fleets to electric vehicles (EV). Most companies seem to be taking a wait and see approach to see how the technology develops and the infrastructure establishes itself to make it a viable option. The case for smaller EVs is obviously making progress, even if it isn’t as fast as some would like. But what about heavy duty OTR fleets? Will they be converting aging diesel trucks to electricity anytime soon?

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Is it possible for truck fleets to go green and still make money?

If you’re a fleet owner then no doubt you’ve come up against the Green Fleet issue at some point. It might have come up at a board meeting, prompted by a VP keen to do more environmentally-friendly initiatives, or marketing may have suggested it as a way to improve the company’s brand image.

Whatever the prompt, you’ve likely asked yourself whether becoming a green fleet is a good option for your fleet. In fact, you may be unsure exactly what a green fleet is. If that’s the case then here’s a good definition of Green Fleet.

How many fleets are going green?

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Green Truck Summit 2011 – Are we too late?

green-truck-summit-indianapolisIn March of this year, the Green Truck Summit was held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Held in conjunction with the annual Work Truck Show, North America’s largest truck show, the Green Truck Summit looks at ways to minimize a fleet’s negative impact on the environment. It’s all about the growing movement towards green fleet, and this year’s summit highlighted that it is no longer just early adopters pioneering eco-friendly technology but rather we are seeing a more mainstream acceptance of the need to shift to clean transportation.

But some critics contend that maybe the swing towards green fleets is too little too late. When it comes to climate change are we past the point of no return? Is the environment too damaged to salvage? Back in 2007, well-known environment blog Grist published an interesting article that seemed to think so. But even the writer of that article expressed that not all is lost – we just need to significantly alter our dependence on oil and switch to carbon-free technologies.

The Green Truck Summit is helping fleets to do just that.

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Green GPS systems for eco-friendly truckers

Are truckers anti-environment? Often truckers, and other heavy equipment operators, get painted as the arch-enemy of the tree-hugging greenie. They’re seen as the thugs who ram down blockades setup by environmentalists trying to protect nature reserves or the habitat of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.

On trucking forums you’ll hear them moan about environmental legislation as being a hindrance to progress, a lot of extra work done only to satisfy a few tree-hugging hippies and without thought to the reality of what it’s like to be a truck driver, working long hours under difficult circumstances and sometimes struggling to make ends meet. For example, the recent debate on anti-idling laws had truckers up in arms complaining that would freeze to death at night because they couldn’t keep the cab warm. It seemed the only way to stop truckers from emitting the 11 million tons of CO2 produced each year was to keep increasing the cost of idling a truck overnight until it was actually cheaper to get a motel room.

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