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Oil prices reach new high. How can truck drivers stay profitable?

Truck owners know that when you pay all the bills you realize how costly running a truck can be. Multiply that by hundreds and it’s not surprising to know that trucking fleet owners are constantly keeping an eye out for ways to reduce fuel costs.

With oil prices topping $95 a barrel recently, pushed by higher seasonal demand and hints of stability in European financial markets, it is just another reminder to truck owners, in fact anyone in the freight industry, that fuel costs need to be managed if a fleet (or single owner/operator) is to remain profitable.

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Is it possible for truck fleets to go green and still make money?

If you’re a fleet owner then no doubt you’ve come up against the Green Fleet issue at some point. It might have come up at a board meeting, prompted by a VP keen to do more environmentally-friendly initiatives, or marketing may have suggested it as a way to improve the company’s brand image.

Whatever the prompt, you’ve likely asked yourself whether becoming a green fleet is a good option for your fleet. In fact, you may be unsure exactly what a green fleet is. If that’s the case then here’s a good definition of Green Fleet.

How many fleets are going green?

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Pushing your trucks uphill? You don’t have to!

Hill driving is not ideal for getting the maximum fuel efficiency from a vehicle. Most drivers know that. Endless gear changes, the extra fuel burned dragging a heavy load up the hill, then using engine braking or gear changes to slow your descent on the other side. But what can you do about it?

Not a lot if there’s only one way to your destination but now there’s advanced GPS routing that could show you a better way.

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