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Why every trucking fleet needs a fuel card plan

There’s no question that fuel is a precious commodity. Rising gas prices only make it more crucial for trucking fleets to carefully manage how fuel is acquired and consumed. Fortunately technology is making it a lot easier for fleet owners to control their fuel purchases, with greater accountability and reporting to highlight areas that need attention.

Why consider switching to using a fuel card program to manage and monitor your gas purchases?

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Why avoiding left turns is saving fleets money

no-left-turn-fuel-savingsHow could something as seemingly innocuous as a left turn be costing fleets money? And how can fleets make significant savings by avoiding left turns and making this simple for drivers?

For many of us a left turn may be a routine, forgettable affair. But if you drive a CMV, particularly a large, articulated truck, you’ll be all too familiar with the headache induced by a torturous left turn in busy traffic.

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