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Low Pay for Truck Drivers a Hazard

low-paid-truck-driversCan a low income be dangerous? Statistics show that around the world about half the population earn less than $2 a day. Obviously that impacts on a person’s quality of life, and maybe access to life necessities, and is linked to health problems, and even a shortened life expectancy.

But you might be thinking that doesn’t happen in America. Think again.

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5 Ways Truck Drivers Can Get Ready for CSA 2010

csa-2010-trucker-tipsSpeculation is rife that the new CSA 2010 will result in 175,000 truck drivers losing their jobs. Obviously this is causing a lot of concern among drivers already coping with financial uncertainty. So what’s behind the rumor, is there any truth to it and what can drivers do to make sure that CSA 2010 is not bad news for them?

Like a lot of rumors there is an element of truth to the claim, and it’s mostly driven by the fact that CSA 2010 will highlight poor driving records to anyone willing to pay the $10 for access to the FMCSA Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP).

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