Top 5 spectacular truck crashes

No one likes to be caught in a traffic accident. Even a minor fender bender can hurt you in the pocket if nothing else. But when a truck is involved you know it’s going to be bad. We’ve rounded up five of the best, five of the most spectacular truck crashes on record.

If nothing else it just impresses the need to keep your truck drivers safe with fleet monitoring software and an effective safety training program.

Buckle in – you’ll be grateful you’re only watching them!

1 – 18-wheeler Pepsi truck overturns

You have to feel sorry for the truck driver – what do you do when a BMW decides to swerve right in front of you? Oh that’s right, drive over the barrier.

2 – Highway truck takes a corner too fast

Remember, you’re not driving a Mini, so slow down on those corners.

3 – Truck tips over in a tunnel

Truck accidents are just that much worse when they’re in confined spaces.

4 – Massive truck crash at an intersection

It’s always recommended that you slow down when approaching an intersection.

5 – Truck crashes on bumpy road

What’s the hurry? Sometimes it pays to slow down.

6 – They’re not all bad

Ok so we’ve just shown some ‘not so stellar’ examples of truck driving, but we thought we should leave you with an example of some superb truck driving skills – the force is obviously strong with this guy!