What’s the best Truck GPS on the market?


Getting the right GPS for your truck is critically important

When you’re looking to buy a GPS device for your truck the first thing to realize is that it’s not the same as buying a standard GPS.

If you’re a truck driver you know you have special requirements and unique challenges when it comes to navigation. So it’s important you get a device that works, is reliable and doesn’t lead you astray, either missing your destination, costing you time or hitting you up with fines for driving restricted roads.

Looking for a total fleet management solution?

Before you rush out and buy an individual GPS for your truck, check first of all that a total fleet management and GPS tracking solution like Telogis Fleet isn’t a better option for your business. You can contact Telogis directly and they can advise on the best commercial navigation devices that will integrate with the whole management platform.

Lots of GPS options

Truck drivers have always been an inventive bunch and there are several options that have been employed to serve as navigation devices.

Before you start exploring any of these options, check they’re actually legal. Some states have restrictions on where the device can be fitted, so as to not block your view, and the size of the screen.

  • Laptops – A small laptop running GPS software with road restrictions and connected (via Bluetooth normally) to a GPS receiver.
  • iPhone – By now we all know that there’s an iPhone app for just about everything – even truck GPS, which is fine if you don’t mind looking at it on a 3.5” screen.
  • Smartphones – Most smartphones have built-in GPS and allow custom map or routing applications to be run on them, whether it’s Google’s Android operating system or an open-source platform like Symbian.
  • Truck-specific GPS units – These GPS units are very similar to what are available to ordinary consumers but have unique features that make them attractive to truck drivers such as identifying and avoiding restricted routes, trucking POIs and larger screens to make them easier to read. There are a few listed below that might suit your requirements.

GPS units designed for truckers

Here are a few truck-specific GPS devices that are suitable for truckers.

Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 700

The TND 700 has a 7-inch HD screen, providing superior readability and usability, with great clarity and the ability to see maps in greater detail. Larger buttons, enhanced map data and a louder speaker, the TND 700 improves the in-cab experience. Waypoints, a handy calendar, and a notepad are some of the new features added. Other features, like driving timers and maintenance reminders, are all designed to help make a trucker’s daily life more efficient.

IntelliRoute® TND™ 700

Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 500

The Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 500 was one of the first truck navigation built from the ground up. It has a bright 5″ screen that can help you avoid out-of-route miles with accurate, truck-specific routing including HazMat restrictions. It also includes recorded state-by-state/providence mileage and on duty/drive times for accurate tax payments.

IntelliRoute® TND™ 500

PC*MILER Navigator 750

PC*MILER Navigator 750, has a large 7″ touch screen with both 2D and 3D views. It has voice-guided turn-by-turn directions with street names and truck-specific routing across the U.S and Canada using industry standard PC*MILER map data, including detailed street level maps.



The PC Miler 550 has a clear 5.5” touch screen with truck-specific routing including practical, shortest, 53’ trailer length, HazMat, national network and toll avoidance. Customizable vehicle dimensions for optimal routing (max values: 13’6” height, 53′ length, 132,000 lbs. weight and 120” or more width restrictions). Over seven million POIs including truck-specific categories such as truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations, CAT scales and more. Multi-stop route optimization. Voice-guided, Dock-to-Dock directions with street names. It also includes straightforward guidance at complex intersections with ClearTurn™ and Lane Assist. Driver Safety view to reduce driver distraction. Clear 2D and 3D driving views. Route Detour and fast automatic re-routing.


PC*MILER 450 Navigator

PC*MILER 450 Navigator has a 4.3″ screen. Specifically designed for company drivers, owner operators, and leased operators it helps to reduce out-of-route, empty and deadhead mileage. Benefits include reduced fuel costs, improved driver efficiency and dispatcher productivity while avoiding fines and vehicle damage.


Telogis Navigation on Android

This one’s a little different – it’s basically navigation software for truckers that will run on an Android tablet or phone. It has a unique community feedback feature (the website claims the community has over 140,000 drivers) where roading updates and other tips are added to the map. This is a hybrid navigation solution, which uses both on (the device) and off-board (the Internet) routing engines to calculate the best routes.


Make sure you get the right GPS for your truck

When driving is your job, it makes sense to get the best GPS for the job. Don’t cut corners or go cheap – having a quality GPS device that you can rely on to get you from A to B quickly, efficiently and safely will be worth the extra investment you may have to make.

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  • Anonymous

    It fundamentally narrows down to one of three brands right now: PC Miler or Rand McNally. They each have different strong points and different pricing. The both also come in 5″ and 7″ screen options.

    gps fleet tracking

    • Bsotired

      i have a 710  its junk

      • Daydreamin1470

        why would you consider it junk? I had the 500 and threw it out the window because it sucked! but was thinking maybe it was just a bad unit….was considering purchasing the 710…please tell.

        • Buaioeae

          I just sent one 710 back to Amazon. Why I think it is junk? Because it could not find address in Canada (but my phone with Android Navigation did w/o problem) therefore it cost me extra $50 for using international roaming on my Phone GPS to get there. Because it does not have newest maps. Because it freezes in the middle of changing highways leaving me to decide where to go. Because it has ugly voice, laud but not clear. Because it reseted itself so my settings were gone…etc, etc… I knew about all of these problems from other forums but I decided to give it a chance..Stupid of me. Now I am waiting for arriving of new Lenovo 7″ tablet with offline GPS option. Sounds very promissing.

          • Buaioeae

            One more thing, if you want real time trafic data then you need to search for GPS system with HD Traffic (like TomTom) This 710 Junk uses VHF Traffic data antena  (it cost extra $100) which is slow and inacurate. BTW, I can sell you my antena for cheaper than I bought it, lol.

          • LindelT

             The best one is SmartTruckRoute for Android

          • STVVMPGMSTR

            The best GPS is the Rand McNally, the drivers that disagree are the same guys that walk around truck stops headset on blue light flashing boom down and never get a phone call. The same guys that expect their GPS to also drive the truck for them. This is also the guy that doesn’t own a map book (published by no other than Rand McNally). This is also the guy that complains that it shuts off or freezes when he runs the damn thing all day long for 600 miles on I-80 then forgets to turn it and his parking lights off when he goes to bed. Battery powered devices need to be turned off especially if you’re not making any turns for hundreds of miles. That also need to be allowed to cycle through running on battery power until its time to charge otherwise you have a unit with a fried internal battery that isn’t meant to run on auxiliary power and no longer can. These things are tools, know your route and don’t depend on electronics. Everything is created by human and humans fail then call the next invention new & improved. Yes I’m bored out of my mind waiting on a Tyson load and have nothing better to do.

          • CMcCall

            No I disagree I’ve got a Rand McNally.It’s 95% junk.I don’t do any of the thing you just said STVVMPGMSTR.I’m having issues right now with my GPS.

      • Buaioeae

        I agree! it is JUNK!!!!

        • George

          hey Buaioeae you are correct this Rand Mcnally  is a piece of junk every way around I bought the 710….same feeling same act: reseted itself, freezes, power bottom when inside… complete sorry I got it

        • hugo

          i ‘ve been doing long haul fro a few month using Rang Mcannally and its very dissapointing how it works regarless of its setting when i’ve on a open interstate highway it suddenly changes the rute and attemps to bring me out to the small street or through the cities even though there is a bypass option i dont understand how it works i find it useless fortrucks 1

  • Reezavandunk

    pc miller 450 is the worst trucking gps ever made.please if you are looking for a good gps pc miller is not
    the gps four drivers this is the only trucking gps that will send you on parkways roads that are not four
    trucks sends you miles out of the way this gps is not safe please no not waste your money like I did
    on this peace of crap.

    • Cleveland501

      thanks for info

    • Tony Mcneil151

      I agree with you, I have the 550 and it is pure garbage. It put on roads that are long there. They needs a major map update, Roads that were build ten years ago are not on it. With poor maps, the rest of the features don,t work properly. What that with Air Mile can I Fly? HaHa 

    • Ronbaker33

      Man, I have been using it for 3 years and haven’t had much difficulty with it. It has had a few instances where it was incorrect. But you should use this and any GPS unit as a tool only. I compare my GPS to the routing my company gives me and to my Atlas. You have to use your brain and logic, don’t just take wha the GPS says as gospel.

  • Renatofsilva Pbt

    PC MILER * 550 pode ser usado no brasil?sou motorista cegonheiro( transporte de veiculos), moro no brasil.

    • Buaioeae

      As far I see this forum is ENGLISH, thanks God.

      • hopper

        Don’t be so lazy. Use Google Translate. Simple


      Moron couldn’t read the damn package and bought a US & Canada GPS thinking it would work in Brazil. I’ll write you turn by turn directions to Brazil aslong as you don’t come back and promise not to procreate!!

  • Jim

    I’m looking for a trucking gps thats realiable although I’ve used the Rand Mcnally 7” & liked it I’m loking at the Cobra which adds real time traffic data & not sure if this is a more realiable unit??? Has anyone ever compared the two for pros & cons between them?  Thanks Jim

    • The Rand McNally is garbage! see above for my explaination.

      • Zoë Lkjsdhf

        Rand McNally make the best truck GPS in the industry. Not sure what you are talking about.

        • stretch45

          I am using the magellan and learning how to read and it seems to be fairly decent.

          Does anybody know about a truck driving GPS by MAPS?

  • Patrickbush75

    Do anyone have the Garmin nuvi 465T. I’m thinking about ourchasing it when i get out of training @ the end of the month. Thanx in advance for the input.

    • Lou Ludwig

      I have it and am getting ready to upgrade to the gamin dezl 560 lmt.  The Nuvi 465t is good, although it doesn’t show truck specific speeds, and doesn’t differentiate which side of the road a scale or rest area is.  But I’ve had mine for 3 yrs now, overall I’d give it a thumbs up!

    • GARY chatfield

      for gods sake and your billfold DON’T buy this peice of crap.ITS TOTAL JUNK!!!!

  • Buaioeae

    Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 710, I had this newest unit for month. The good: 7″ size. The bad? It uses old maps. It crashes in the middle of changing routes. It uses ugly sound voice. Feels cheap and it is build of cheap plastic. Screen is also made of plastic, it uses old technology. I had to send back this piece of *&^%&% to seller.

    • Rangerboothe

      I bought a Rand McNally GPS. They are garbage to say the least. I’m going with the Garmin Truckers GPS now. So much easier !

  • the sentinel

    i have Rand McNally and the screen just went black , have a green light of full charge but do not turn on anyone know if it can be fix

    • American4Truth

      My husband had a Rand McNally and had to send it back four times and finally they sent him a new one, but that went out in two months too. Do yourself a favor and do not ever buy a Rand McNally GPS devise again or you will just be throwing your money away.

      • Zoë Lkjsdhf

        Rand McNally has the best trucking GPS in the industry. Not sure what your talking about.

        • mhmmd123

          I have Rand McNally 530 and it is bad news, keep freezen up, or start the old route on it own, Rand McNally did replaced it and still not working good.

      • Xeorty

        I ran Rand McNally for 3 years with no problem.

        • stretch 45

          Probably made better three years ago.

    • jerry Bihl

      i have the sane trouble with my randy mcnaaly730tnd gps it keeps freezing up what do others truckers use beside the randy mcnally

  • Rhrocket1

    I’ve had the Rand McNally 500 for 2 years and have had no trouble at all. I just have to download upgrades from the computer once a year.  

  • I have gone through 3 Rand McNally’s one 510, and two 710’s. They all froze, resetting would work for a day or two if I was lucky, then then would freeze again! Eventually they won’t even turn on, I updated them frequently. After registering the last one, I lost my receipt…after having it for one month I was stuck with a  non working $499 piece of crap that wouldn’t even turn on. And yes I had it plugged into several different power sources, so I know it didn’t have a dead battery

    • Del McTarsney

       Thanks for the info! I have read many bad reviews about the Rand McNallys,on the web and on ebay.Almost bought one,glad I did`nt.

    • Nightowlxp

      over ten years using Microsoft Streets and Trips( updated yearly) and been throught half a doven stand alones- Garmin-PC Miller-TomTom- tryed the Cobra for a week and returned it for Rand Mcnally and I must say NEXT TO MICROSOFT the only one I’ll use is the Rand Mcnally. sure some have features others dont but what do you really need in a G.P.S.? SAFEST-SHORTEST ROUTE FROM POINT A TO B.  where are you where are you going what is the speed limit and speed your traveling. what lane should you be setting up in …when will you arrive. for all the money I’ve spent oiver the years on GPS the best BANG FOR THE BUCK IS MICROSOFT STREETS AND TRIPS. SECOND BEST AND AS BACKUP IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THE RAND MCNALLY and the extra money for the seven inch screen for me was worth it as well. I was also lucky to get a free life time map updates with the RandMcnally. A laptop with STREET AND TRIPS is the way to go but if your looking for a stand alone TRY THE RAND MCNALLY…hold your reciept and if you are dissapointed with it you can return to most locations for full refunf within 14 days.

    • Ronaldo

      Tim sound like you just like to wine. Why would you buy three of the same kind if the first ones were bad? I think you have just been eating to much stupid.

  • BigTruck

    There is an application for Android Phone that creates Truck GPS routes. This application available on Google Market. Once you on a google market search for Truck GPS. Application looks very good. It has satellite views and even can show you a building you will make a delivery. Traffic is also available. The price is less then 5 dollars per month.

    • Ahmadi Muslim

      any app u r using?

  • Gary

    How about Cobra GPs for truckers?  Is it any good

    • jayrodpa

      I have using a cobra for 2 years with no problems. its on the money 98% of the time. only thing I don’t like is when the mileage reaches 99999 it stops. then you have to reset the unit to bring it back to 0. other then that no complaints.

    • mhmmd123

      I have Cobra 6000Pro HD and it`s piece crap.

  • Venus

     So glad to see the reviews on the different GPS systems.  I am looking for one for my husband, he is a trucker.  He doesn’t have an android phone, so besides that what is the best option for a mounted GPS?

  • Venus

    I posted a comment asking about a good GPS for my husband but I guess I should have put also that we would like one that will tell current traffic reports.  I hope that some of you will be able to help with your experiences and advise.  Thanks.

  • Waycoolmom1

    Has anyone tried the TomTom Pro 7150 Truck GPS?  It’s now available, but hard to find customer reviews or comparisons between it and other truck GPS.  Thank you.


      Waycoolmom, DO NOT BUY THE TOMTOM 7150!!!! If I didn’t know better the 7150 could’ve guided me to a topped trailer in numerous times in Boston. Has shown me how to go over 25T bridges in FL, and persistently requests to cut through neighborhoods. It also is missing approximately 120 name brand truck stops, but has all the hole in the walls for cars to stop at. Best yet its mileage calculation is all flat land not topographical and configured as though the earth is not round, so mileage is way off. My Tom Tom 7150 has been decommissioned to the state of California and now rests on I-80 atop Donnors Pass. Get the Rand Mc Nally 510, i love it don’t solely rely on any GPS. But this one is by far the best guidance tool hands down!!! Its $50 cheaper then the TomTom too.

      • Juan Parker

        I actually have both, TMD works OK, the TND leaves off where Tom Tom 7150 begins.

  • Corky

    I have the Rand McNally 500 and let me tell you the HazMat routing sucks. It tried to take me thru the tunnel in Cincinnati, Ohio and right thru the middle of Dallas, Texas. These are 2 big NO NOS. Has far has taking you the shortest route betwwen A & B, make sure you check your Atlas first because I did and went a differant way and the gps knocked off 50 miles and 1 hour off the time. this happened a lot more than once. I should have bought a Garmin.

  • adolfo

    i’m( A,hernandez) and i nide help to fix mi gps rand macnally tnd 710 was on and plogged in entire system turned off and won t` turn back on and i tried to reset  the system but didn `t do anything and i pay $499 for this unit

  • Corky01

    I have a Rand McNally and I hate it. It’s garbage. I was thinking about trying the cobra truck GPS. Does anyone have one or heard about it

  • Muacha83

    The rand mcnally 510 suck it took m to a no truck routh

  • Trucking Bill

    garmin is the only way to go.A gps dose NOT replace the brain,but is a good tool help plain the rite rout.None of thease gps units are going to pay your ticket or take the blame for you.So if you are looking for a good all around gps,I would recommend the garmin.But remember thare is NO gps that is going to do your job for you !!!!! I have been running a garmin in my truck for the last 10 or 12 years and have been happy with it. Think I’m going to try the new one that just came out.

    • Wade Carter

      hi wat garmin do u have

  • mad

    i have a rand mcnally 710 . got back in truck it was stuck could not punch anything in. only had it a little over a year. warranty is only a year after that mcnally does not fix them. so 400.00 down the drain. they say u can return it on a buy back program and upgrade to a 720 plus send $200.00 more. i do not know what to do. should i trust mcnally products?

    • American4Truth


  • mongoose

    I’ve had a rand mcnally tnd 510 for about 5mo.worked good for adout 2 mo before it started freezing.now it freezes up and won’t do anything till battery dies.plug it in an turn it on an it freezes up on the start up , won’t even boot.called rand mcnally and they want me to mail it to them for software issues.not pleased w/their product or method of product service.

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  • Nelson

    Hey im a roockie truck driver I have the germin dezl 560 everything is great except that it take me to the longest way I feel like this navigation is not doing its job I did the update on it and still the same crap does anyone know about a great gps that takes me to my destination quickly and doesn’t take me thru streets im not suppose to be on?

  • Erick

    great product and great service—-they paid me to post… lol

  • bgboy2u

    so, every body has a negative opinion about Rand McNally, garmin, tom tom ,ciobra….. is any good GPS for trucker on the market???

    • Andrew ‘AFPup’

      I’ve always liked my Rand 720, though don’t get me started on the older models, but I can no longer recommend it… they say you get “lifetime map updates “, and they do offer frequent updates on construction and the like, but they haven’t updated the actual maps on my device in over a year and a half. The told me it would be coming soon, but now I’m told to upgrade to the 730. So, I guess lifetime maps only covers you till the next version.

      Cobra: Tried one, returned it within the week. Liked a lot of its features, but the display would tell me to turn left, and the voice would tell me right.

      • Joe Bloggs

        I’m in the UK and the problems are very similar. The Garmin Nuvi 50 car satnav can turn a short cut across Bodmin Moor into a circular tour! To get out of the loop one has to go LEFT at the junction where it tells you to go right. Another snag we have over here are what I call figure eight roundabouts. These are two ordinary roundabouts that are joined together. Unless one is going at a walking pace the satnav cannot work out which is the right exit in time as its processor runs too slow. The best way is to print maps from the internet and learn the route but this is not always possible. Always beware of using the shortest route option as one really awful satnav took me along an eight or ten foot wide track (tarmac) over the top of a Welsh mountain. It was a good job that the car had plenty of grunt as I had a trailer on. So far I’ve owned at least six satnavs and I’ve not been happy with any of them. There are also addresses that are not on the map ten years after the roads were built

      • Monster Moy

        I have had a couple Rand McNally intelliroute TND I have the 730, It’s pretty good but far from great or perfect, I had a trainee that bought the latest Garmin Denzel gps, They have different pro’s & con’s but I still prefer the Rand McNally intelliroute TND 730 thats just my opinion.

  • Geo.

    I’m driving the New York runs every day ,and it’s no gps for trucks in the big city’s no one works good . Truck gps will betrayed you.some bridges are one foot extra but some are not. Please if buy a local maps it’s better ,so you check for low clearance bridges and parkways .big cities wasn’t made for big rigs ,

    • trucker tom

      ummm like trucks are ALLOWED on parkways…..Idiot!

      • Vin Vecchio

        Who said they are hot stuff

  • UncleBill Averre

    Why no mention of Co-Pilot for Trucks ??

  • shorty

    I’m surprised the GPS named “Truckers Tablet” is not listed on here. Check it out. 7″ screen and is also a tablet when you are not using it as a GPS.

  • tony russo

    Trust me rand mcnally gps are ceritfied JUNK
    its a complete waste of time to contact them they refuse to stand behind thier products,tech support is a total joke they too do nothing but do everything they can to get rid of you.

  • Kevin

    A gps navigation system may be a good tool but I just use my phone and the road atllas for trucks. Call the shipper and receiver is the best bet.

  • Bryant Phillips

    I brought a cobra gps peace of shit

  • Bryant Phillips

    These dam things cost too much dam money to have these dam problems

    • gillian2005

      Absolutely correct. I am sick and tired of buying expensive gizmos that either don’t work at all or work for a while and then crap out. I have had good gps units (car type) that worked perfectly. I have also had junk–most recent is a Garmin that gets confused, has taken me miles out of the way only to put me back on the interstate a few miles from where I exited, sending me to POI that doesn’t exist, telling me to take exit XX which I passed three miles back, waiting until the last minute to show me the exit I should take when I am in the left lane, can’t find an address that does exist…….going out the window soon.

  • Yuldosh Ergashev

    I new truck driver, i started yesterday, my relative told me Rand mcnally tab the best, i bought it, it’s expensive but for me is the best

  • Ray Kaczar

    I am on my 2nd TND720, after about a year the screen starts to flicker, I dont know what to get this time

  • Yoo-hoo

    I have for the past 2 years run 3 GPS in my truck (Im a gadget person, a little high maintenance wit gadgets you might say also..lol), anyways I have a RM 510 and RM 720, and I also have a non truck Garmin GPS(that’s another story..lol). The RM 700 I had was always messing up, the screen would blank out, speaker went, sent it back twice, ended up upgrading with their offered discount to the RM 720 (never had any issues with the RM 510). Anyways I update mine every 7 to 10 weeks, basically when Im on my home time. Now I have free map updates on both my RM 510 & RM 720. For those of you that may not know how to do updates, you basically have a good internet connection, plug in the USB cable they provide when you bought it, turn on your GPS and it will say connected, the RM Dock software will come up(you must download the RM docking software free of charge from the RM website). Upon the the software opening you will see “Updates” and also “Map Updates”. I always backup what I have before I do any updates/upgrades. If you have free lifetime map updates you will be able to click on that and update your maps. Update your GPS first than click on the Map Updates after. Now in the last like 6 months RM Map Updates for either the RM 510 & RM 720 requires you to buy a Micro SD card and plug that card into the side of the GPS and leave it there. My computer wouldn’t recognize the card until I actually turned on the GPS without the SD card and went to RM Docking and click on Map Updates, and you will get a message saying to insert the Micro SD card(Min size 8 GB and Max size card 16 GB,RM doesn’t recommend smaller or larger then this). It takes about 3 to 4.5 hrs if your doing the full map upgrade on a good internet connection. So now I have the latest map Updates on my RM 510, will do my RM 720 later.

    One thing I have noticed over the last 2 yrs is that if you save addresses like I do, tends to slow access into your address contacts down. I also create two groups for myself which one I call “Parking Areas” and the other “Border Crossings”, as our company also runs major portions of Canada along with the lower 48 states. The parking areas I save are areas that I find on my own that I know are good for parking late at night, running real low on HOS hrs, etc, these are areas that you wont find in the GPS POI’s..lol…their mine hand picked you might say…lol..I also use POI’s from factorypoi website download which are free, these I use only on my RM 720. You will also find a part on your GPS for self repair you might say…click this when your online if your having a problem, and if RM has a fix for it you wont have to send the unit back(Ive only had to use this one time in 2 yrs). If you dont update your GPS, your losing out in my opinion, as RM is always having fixes to issues, Map Updates, and overall good updates. its like this if you have a computer and never allow critical Microsoft updates, then your not going to be a happy camper after a while, my opinion of course.

    I will also share as other seasoned drivers have here, don’t depend on any GPS for all routing. I use anything available…Maps, Google Maps, Online sources, and old school call the shipper if you must for final destination directions. A GPS is a tool and its very useful, just don’t go total Gospel with it, use your common sense to.

    Hope this helps a few drivers, this is my experience anyways over time. I’m pretty much an advanced computer user, reinstall windows, do many fixes on my own Laptop etc, fix other peoples computer issues,etc, so hope I didn’t confuse anyone. I’m also a social bunny so if you ever meet me at a truck stop or elsewhere, say hello and we can grab something to eat, share a few road stories, etc..lol

    See ya on up the road…….

  • Frank Prorock

    I copy and pasted PC*MILER Navigator 750 in my browser and apparently the PC*Miler GPS’ have been discontinued. I have ran both a Rand McNally 710 (problems) and 720 (minimal problems). I liked them, for the most part. But you have to use your head. Sometimes, they either lie to you and can get you into trouble, or the address where you are going to doesn’t exist, according to them. However, the solution is to put in GPS coordinates. There is a website called http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/geocode It works pretty darn good. I think i have only had one time where it could not find a GPS coordinate. Then, you simply have to call the consignee or shipper and ask for directions. This is good for old coastal areas that were established in the 1600’s and 1700’s.

  • Shayna Fate

    Want to buy my honey a new trucker GPS for his truck for his birthday, any suggestions for under $200 ??

  • Tenspeed

    Dear Internet bloggers, posters, reviewers… yes, EVERYONE who posts an article of ANY KIND. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PUT A DATE ON IT!!!! If I’m reviewing GPS units, I want to know what year model I’m reading about. It would help just by putting the date on your article..

  • Gate. Keeper

    I jad a rand mcnally 720 never would update. Rand mcnally got on my computer for 3 hours and they could not figure it out so they sent me a new 730. Sale problem and it wont update. After checking i found out they sent me a refurbished Unit. They wont do amything to fix it. I might by the Garmin gpd for truckers. I use it manely for keeping milage feom state to state and fuel logs for my accountant. Not sure if the Garmin dos this

  • David McKinley

    Here’s the deal. I have a laminated GPS by RandMcNally. I buy a new one every couple of years.
    Its never ever shorted out…led me the wrong way….100% 100% of the time.
    No dead batterys…Notta!
    Now…when you folks figure out that your ELECTRONIC GPS is faulty and that the satellites will one day not work at all, you will either find that you’re in the wrong business…or you’ll learn to read a map. Get a CB radio and turn your music off…
    Not sure how they get the numbers, but they said there’s a 100% turnover in the trucking industry.
    Think about it. You ALWAYS see ads for trucking jobs. Why? There’s NOT that many trucks in the world.
    Its because the young folks come in…BELIEVING what the ads say. (We’ll teach you how to drive in 4 weeks. You’ll be on your way to making big bucks)
    All lies! You’ll not learn crap in 4 weeks…or 4 months. Maybe you’ll have some idea after 4 years.
    They are NO Super Truckers…only Stupid F***ers that think they’re super truckers.
    Yeap…I’m real ol school. Seen pretty much everything…but will NEVER know everything. No one will.
    Please respect the ol hands. Stop using the term “driver”…that’s what you were called when you paid all the money to get your CDL.
    Learn the right way…know that you’ll NEVER get rich and that you’ll NEVER know everything…
    Thanks and be safe

  • Wade Carter

    hi can anyone tell me what is the best truck gps is

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  • Snow

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    Junk otherwise