What’s the best Truck GPS on the market?


Getting the right GPS for your truck is critically important

When you’re looking to buy a GPS device for your truck the first thing to realize is that it’s not the same as buying a standard GPS.

If you’re a truck driver you know you have special requirements and unique challenges when it comes to navigation. So it’s important you get a device that works, is reliable and doesn’t lead you astray, either missing your destination, costing you time or hitting you up with fines for driving restricted roads.

Looking for a total fleet management solution?

Before you rush out and buy an individual GPS for your truck, check first of all that a total fleet management and GPS tracking solution like Telogis Fleet isn’t a better option for your business. You can contact Telogis directly and they can advise on the best navigation devices that will integrate with the whole management platform.

Lots of GPS options

Truck drivers have always been an inventive bunch and there are several options that have been employed to serve as navigation devices.

Before you start exploring any of these options, check they’re actually legal. Some states have restrictions on where the device can be fitted, so as to not block your view, and the size of the screen.

  • Laptops – A small laptop running GPS software with road restrictions and connected (via Bluetooth normally) to a GPS receiver.
  • iPhone – By now we all know that there’s an iPhone app for just about everything – even truck GPS, which is fine if you don’t mind looking at it on a 3.5” screen.
  • Smartphones – Most smartphones have built-in GPS and allow custom map or routing applications to be run on them, whether it’s Google’s Android operating system or an open-source platform like Symbian.
  • Truck-specific GPS units – These GPS units are very similar to what are available to ordinary consumers but have unique features that make them attractive to truck drivers such as identifying and avoiding restricted routes, trucking POIs and larger screens to make them easier to read. There are a few listed below that might suit your requirements.

GPS units designed for truckers

Here are a few truck-specific GPS devices that are suitable for truckers.

Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 700

The TND 700 has a 7-inch HD screen, providing superior readability and usability, with great clarity and the ability to see maps in greater detail. Larger buttons, enhanced map data and a louder speaker, the TND 700 improves the in-cab experience. Waypoints, a handy calendar, and a notepad are some of the new features added. Other features, like driving timers and maintenance reminders, are all designed to help make a trucker’s daily life more efficient.

IntelliRoute® TND™ 700

Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 500

The Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 500 was one of the first truck navigation built from the ground up. It has a bright 5″ screen that can help you avoid out-of-route miles with accurate, truck-specific routing including HazMat restrictions. It also includes recorded state-by-state/providence mileage and on duty/drive times for accurate tax payments.

IntelliRoute® TND™ 500

PC*MILER Navigator 750

PC*MILER Navigator 750, has a large 7″ touch screen with both 2D and 3D views. It has voice-guided turn-by-turn directions with street names and truck-specific routing across the U.S and Canada using industry standard PC*MILER map data, including detailed street level maps.



The PC Miler 550 has a clear 5.5” touch screen with truck-specific routing including practical, shortest, 53’ trailer length, HazMat, national network and toll avoidance. Customizable vehicle dimensions for optimal routing (max values: 13’6” height, 53′ length, 132,000 lbs. weight and 120” or more width restrictions). Over seven million POIs including truck-specific categories such as truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations, CAT scales and more. Multi-stop route optimization. Voice-guided, Dock-to-Dock directions with street names. It also includes straightforward guidance at complex intersections with ClearTurn™ and Lane Assist. Driver Safety view to reduce driver distraction. Clear 2D and 3D driving views. Route Detour and fast automatic re-routing.


PC*MILER 450 Navigator

PC*MILER 450 Navigator has a 4.3″ screen. Specifically designed for company drivers, owner operators, and leased operators it helps to reduce out-of-route, empty and deadhead mileage. Benefits include reduced fuel costs, improved driver efficiency and dispatcher productivity while avoiding fines and vehicle damage.


Make sure you get the right GPS for your truck

When driving is your job, it makes sense to get the best GPS for the job. Don’t cut corners or go cheap – having a quality GPS device that you can rely on to get you from A to B quickly, efficiently and safely will be worth the extra investment you may have to make.